Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beirut - the band that is!

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite bands, Beirut. I just found out they will be in Cincinnati in November and I cannot wait. The only other time I have seen them I had to travel to Philly. Which, believe me, was so very worth it. Not only due to seeing them, but it's Philly. If you are a music lover, as I am. I don't see how you could not like them. Yes Mr. Zachary Condon's voice is different. It will grow on you, but what originally drew me is was the music anyways, not his voice. There are so many instruments used in this band that it's like a small orchestra, but with instruments from all over the place. He originally started the band himself and it was a solo project. The first album is only him playing all instruments. This alone is amazing and fantastic. Being a musician of sorts myself, I would love to be able to play multiple instruments with such ease. He's a natural. He eventually formed a band so he could travel. What's awesome is through out the show they will all trade instruments. This is something I did not expect and acted like a five year old that caught santa in the act when it happend! ha I was so stoked! Anyways, it's well worth your time to check them out if you haven't already. I doubt you will regret it and if you do you can yell at me whenver you like! I will of course post some pics and well as links to some music to make your search easier! Have a lovely evening!

The first and third are two of my favorite songs! enjoy!

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